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Top 10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Spring

The National Association of Home Builders suggests these top 10 tips for home owners to check for damage and make sure your home is ready for spring from top to bottom.

spring maintenance

  • Roof Inspection – including skylights, shingles, and chimney flashing. Ensure that these are intact and that any and all repairs are made


  • Gutters – Should be cleaned of debris and repairs made from winter damage. Loose or blocked gutters can allow water into the home.


  • Check for leaks – Hard to find leaks can occur in crawl spaces, attics and washing machine hoses. Check for corrosion under sinks. Check the water heater for deterioration.


  • Outside Drains – exterior and underground drains should be cleared of debris to inhibit any backups


  • Siding – check for any loose pieces due to winter storms and replace as needed.


  • Windows and door seals – Keep these watertight by ensuring caulking is in tact on the outside


  • Cracks – Cracks in driveways, sidewalks and steps should be patched as this will prevent any further water damage


  • Paint the Exterior – The exterior of your home will look nicer and painting it will help shield against the elements


  • HVAC – Hire a qualified technician to inspect your HVAC system before the temperatures get high. Replace HVAC filters now.


  • Grading – The grading of your yard should slope away from your home. This keeps moisture away from the foundation.


The NAHB suggests planning now as professional remodelers and home inspectors will be busy this time of year and may have a backlog of work due to the winter season.


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