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3 reasons why selling in the winter can be a good idea!

With the holiday season upon us, many who are ready to sell their home wonder if they should list now or wait to list in the spring.

Before deciding what is best for you and your situation, we recommend sitting down for a consultation with your Main Street agent!

Although it’s true that we see a peak in real estate activity in the spring months, many buyers are still out and anxious to find their dream home.

Here are three reasons why you may want to consider listing your home over the winter months!

  1. Serious buyers are out! Yes, it’s true that the housing rush does slow over the holidays, but the buyers who are still actively searching for their home tend to be the serious ones who are ready to move quick. You may only get a few showings, but chances are good that those scheduling tours are not just browsing and are prepared to make an offer if the home fits their needs.
  2. There is less competition. Lower housing inventory will help your house to stand out. If your home is well prepared and priced right, it will be the hot item for home buyers.
  3. Home staging is more fun! The warmth of the holiday season have buyers in a festive mindset. They are envisioning their lives and their family traditions in their new home. Sellers can feed into that with their home presentation. Have fun decorating for the season! Some sellers will have a beautifully set table, which help buyers dream of hosting holiday dinners. Others will decorate the entrance of their home with poinsettias or other classic holiday decor.

In 2018 we experienced low inventory throughout our South NJ neighborhoods. The buyers outnumbered the listings. This means that many buyers are still out their awaiting their new home. They may also feel that they are going to need to wait until the spring until listings begin to pop up again. However, if they see your home come up now, they may jump at the opportunity!

Call your Main Street agent to schedule a consultation to discuss your options!