At Mainstreet Realty, we take the burden of managing your real estate
portfolio off of you so you can focus on building it. We currently manage many properties throughout the area with many different levels of

Read below for Mainstreet’s Property Management services, or click here to contact us and see how Mainstreet can best help you manage your property.

Basic Management includes, but is not limited to, arranging the following:

• General maintenance on the property
• Emergency maintenance on the property
• Payment of bills
• Communication with tenants
• Running credit reports and background checks
• Drawing up leases

• Maintenance of security deposits
• Collection of monthly rents
• Annual landlord and building registration and inspections
• Monthly Property Disbursement Reports to include income & expenses
• Annual PDR for your tax preparation

At Mainstreet, our General Fee Schedule operates as follows:

• Basic Management: 10% (Includes lease negotiation, communication with
tenant, collection of rent, paying bills, disbursing rent and monthly reports)
• Basic Management of Section 8 or TRA Units: 12%
• Initial Leasing Fee: One month’s rent
• Lease Renewal Fee: Half month’s rent
• Holding Security Deposits: One time fee of 10% per deposit
• On-site Agent Representation: $35/hour for any time beyond the first half
hour Monday through Friday, 8 AM – 6:30 PM; $55/hour Saturday, Sunday
and weeknights, 6:31 PM – 7:59 AM

*Please note, fire inspections fall under on-site agent representation