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What renovations add value to your home?

Before listing your home for sale, you must first make sure it will create a buzz among potential buyers! You likely have already heard about the need to de-clutter, de-personalize, and deep clean… but what renovations can you do to add value to your home?

Taking the time to prepare your home and making the investment in upgrades before listing for sale will help in getting more potential buyers coming through your door and maximizing your profit.

Renovations, whether large or small, can make a big impact on getting your house sold. They can also create a big hole in your wallet if you don’t know which ones will pay off.

Here are some renovation ideas to consider:

Roof – While a new roof may not add immediate value to your home, it may help it sell faster. When a buyer spots a leak, nothing else matters! Advertising a new roof in your listing is a big draw for house hunters.

Curb Appeal – First impression is the key! If your home doesn’t look inviting on the outside, nobody is going to want to go inside. A nicely manicured lawn, colorful flowers, and a welcoming entrance way will catch a buyer’s eye. Applying a fresh coat of paint on the front door and power washing walkways are also easy upgrades.

New Deck/Patio – Adding a new deck or patio can recoup approximately 84% when selling a home. A weather treated wooden deck is a nice selling point!

Kitchen – Kitchens are easier to update than one might think. Consider adding new appliances and lighting. Adding new fixtures, a back splash, and new counter tops can make a big impact.

Bathrooms – Simple updates such as new hardware, fixtures, and lighting can make a dated bathroom feel refreshed. Removing old caulking and adding new can make a bathroom look cleaner and neater. You may also consider removing a shower door or curtain to create a more spacious feeling.

Windows – New windows are a good selling point as they lower energy costs. Wooden windows are admired for their classical elegance and relative scarcity in the marketplace and can significantly improve the value of your home to the right buyers.

Central Air – Adding air conditioning is a good upgrade especially if you are selling in the warmer seasons.

Bonus Space – Attics are often unused space in homes that may be suitable as home offices, TV rooms, art studios and even bedrooms. The buyer will see potential for personal use as well as knowing that all areas of the home are sustainable.

Siding – Upscale fiber-cement siding can actually recoup the same amount or more money than you spend on it. It is relatively easy to install and is virtually maintenance free once installed and painted.

Closets – Reorganizing small closet spaces and adding wood elements like shelves creates a tidy look.

Cosmetics – A fresh coat of neutral color paint can go a long way! Pay attention to the details such as replacing outlet covers, light switch plates, and heat registers.

Remember that most buyers are beginning their search online, so investing in upgrades that will jump out to those browsing photos online is important. When you make the decision to sell your home, first think through a plan of action to assure your house will be competitive in the market. A house is a product in the real estate market. You want to make sure the presentation of your product compliments that value you are seeking.

For additional guidance, call your local real estate specialist and schedule an in home consultation!

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